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Bill would put lower interstate speed limit on large trucks

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is important for all drivers in Louisiana to obey the speed limit when out on the freeway. It is particularly important for drivers of large vehicles, such as commercial trucks, to do so.

Eighteen-wheelers already have the potential to cause a considerable amount of harm when they are involved in interstate accidents. When a truck is speeding, the impacts coming out of such a crash can be particularly devastating.

Whether a truck was speeding is one of the many issues that can have significant liability implications in interstate crashes involving large trucks. Skilled attorneys can help victims of 18-wheeler crashes here in Louisiana with looking into this issue and other ones that could impact their legal situation regarding compensation.

A bill recently brought here in Louisiana would change what the speed limit is for trucks and other large vehicles on interstates in the state. Specifically, the bill would give these large vehicles a speed limit that is 10 miles below the limit that applies to regular vehicles on such roads. The bill is aimed at making the state’s interstates safer.

The bill seems likely to draw a fair amount of debate on the safety impacts of special interstate speed limits for trucks and whether such a special speed limit is the right fit for Louisiana. One wonders what the results of the bill and this debate will be.

Do you think trucks and other large vehicles should have a lower speed limit than other vehicles out on the freeway?